Rolling Papers from Berlin

Elevate the common book of rolling papers

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“Hast du Blättchen? / Got papers? We call them Blättchen in the street…”

Our mission is to create, find, commission, and collaborate to provide beautiful products and experiences for all consumers, high-minded or not.

We started in, and are still based in Wedding – Berlin

Our vision of the future is the normalisation of cannabis (weed/marijuana/pot/grass) for recreational, medical, and industrial use.


Blättchen Rolling Papers is our first step.

Produced in Europe we offer Unbleached, Papers and Tips with Vegan Natural Arabic Gum.
We ship from Berlin, Germany, and deliver worldwide.

Blättchen Apparel is our second step.

Produced in and shipped from Europe or the USA depending on where you want it shipped to.
Because no one needs a t-shirt hustled across continents.