About Us

“Hast du blättchen? / Got papers?”

We call them Blättchen on the street…

Our mission is the normalisation of cannabis (weed/marijuana/pot/grass) for recreational, medical, and industrial use.

Take 5 minutes and listen in on an early stage (2017!) in the creation of Blättchen, it was still called Ashes of Plants back then!

Hi I’m Lucas.
Cannabis use should be normal.
I hope these papers help.

Old School

Cannabis legalisation around the globe inspired Lucas to start Blättchen Vegan Rolling Papers in 2017 as a way to help normalise adult use cannabis by elevating the perception of a staple item for most old school smokers, the common book of rolling papers.

Usually found torn up and crumpled, bright orange or dingy white, a book of rolling paper leaves a statement. Now with beautifully designed rolling papers that you can proudly pull out of your pocket in front of your grandmother. Ours thought they were chocolates!

Lucas is a creative problem solver, fascinated by the meaningful connections between people, places and objects. With 15 years international experience working for and with global sports and lifestyle brands Lucas has created, developed and implemented global brand marketing and sales campaigns. He is bringing this experience to cannabis and social justice remediation.

Designed around the world and produced in Europe in limited batches.

We offer you Unbleached, Papers and Tips with Vegan Natural Arabic Gum.

We ship from Berlin Germany, and deliver worldwide.