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And if you don’t know…what to do this week, weekend, month or next month; bookmark this page, and stay up to date on some events that we are interested in and think you might be too!…now you know…

Weddingmarkt, 02 June 2019

We will be at the Weddingmarkt this Sunday, 02 June 2019, selling papers and lighters, handing out stickers, postcards, and giving away some of the Inside-Outside collection! If you are in Berlin and want to meet some great artists, makers, and creatives then get on the bike, bus, or U-Bahn and come to the Leopoldplatz this Sunday. Open Air Art & Design in the heart of our very own Wedding-Berlin.

I like it. What is it?

Gallery Weekend Berlin, 2019 What an incredible event. Over 300 galleries open to the public, showcasing current exhibitions available to purchase. Truly a collector’s dream and full of inspiration. The artwork was of course incredible, but I was so pleased to find the variety of gallery spaces and unique installations.

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Shops, shops, shops

We had a blast last weekend with a quick trip to the charming southern city of Nürnberg for a shop visit with David at FifteenSixteen (MDXVI)

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Congratulations Canada

Canada fully legalizes cannabis. “In the three years since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected with a mandate to legalize marijuana, cannabis culture and industry have boldly emerged from the shadows in many parts of the country.”(NYT)