Congratulations Canada

Canada fully legalizes cannabis.

“In the three years since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected with a mandate to legalize marijuana, cannabis culture and industry have boldly emerged from the shadows in many parts of the country.”(NYT) On October 17, 2018 we celebrate with, and congratulate Canada for stepping forward enacting the Cannabis Act. Thank you Canada for working towards normalisation. Access to quality-controlled supply will ensure adults can use and enjoy without fear of reprisal from the state.

Enhancing public awareness, and social acceptance through progressive legislation is only the first step. Habits and norms will continue to evolve with taste and fashion. We look forward to being a part of these changes.

Our mission is to drive the continued normalisation of cannabis (marijuana, pot, grass) by creating, finding, commissioning, and collaborating to provide beautiful products and experiences to high minded consumers. Blättchen Rolling Papers is our first step.


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