That’s right ! We made a mistake . . .

Thanks to a small mixup in the factory we have a complete order of Gradients and Leaves, King Size Slim+Tips and 1-1/4 papers sitting in our office which we can’t sell. Normally we would be unpacking and repacking papers, but instead of doing that we thought, why not just give them away!


It is called the ‘inside-outside’ collection because the inside is printed on the outside, and the inside! On top of that, an old design, the Kaktus was printed instead of Blu. This is a collectible for rolling papers enthusiasts, smokers, and high-minded fans of Blättchen because there will no planned future production of the ‘inside-outside’ collection. When we finish giving these away, they will be gone!

How do I get some of this free papers giveaway?


Sign-up for our newsletter by clicking HERE and we will send them to you!


We will set up a few shops and locations with a box of ‘inside-out’ Blättchen, and will update this post with the locations as soon as we do so you can go in and pick them up in person!


As long as we can, we will be packing one of the ‘inside-outside’ collection into each order you make in the SHOP!



Where to get your Free Blättchen Inside-Outside

For those who already know . . .

You can SHOP the finished Gradients and Leaves collections as well as take a peek at our Clipper by BLäTtCHEN lighters now.




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