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We had a blast last weekend with a quick trip to the charming southern city of Nürnberg for a shop visit with David at FifteenSixteen (MDXVI)

An old friend from good times past; building high-end sneaker stores for taste-makers in Hong Kong, new rich in Beijing, and selective Japanese customers. We met working at adidas.

He runs an agency, shop and events space now. Carrying nice products from select brands from around the world. It was great to see Stay Hungry and Bagjack, both from Berlin, in store!

We dropped off some papers and postcards, had a few nice coffees around the corner, and chatted about the benefits versus cuteness factor of Japanese split-toe socks. The jury is still out on that one, but you can take a look and decide for yourself whenever you get down that way!

Thank you David for carrying our Blättchen in your shop!

FifteenSixteen (MDXVI)

Hirtengasse 9
90443 Nürnberg




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